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Welcome To Our School

Oxford Sport and Traditional Martial Arts specialise

in children's martial arts and fitness programmes.

We are now one of the largest martial arts organisations

in Oxfordshire, and operate across many schools within

the county. We currently teach around 2000 students,

on a weekly basis, from beginner, to black belt.


Children who attend Oxford Sport and Traditional Martial Arts, are destined to succeed in life, because we teach them about goals, build their self esteem, discipline and persistence at an early age. More importantly, the traits children learn in our unique programme, will pay off for the rest of their lives.

Our programmes benefit children in so many different ways.

  • Overweight children, who lost a few pounds through self discipline and exercise, whilst gaining self esteem and confidence

  • Children uninspired with school, who have learned to set goals, aim higher, and believe that anything is possible with hard work

  • Over-Excited children, who have learnt how to focus and channel their energy in a more positive direction

  • Shy children, who are brought out of their shell

We aim to arm your child with crucial skills for the future.

  • The self esteem and confidence to raise a hand in school and ask a question, so they learn and build understanding, whilst others may hold back

  • A positive attitude and persistence to succeed. The confidence to say "I can!" over "I can't" when dealing with problems and lifes challenges

  • Physical development, by increasing speed, stamina, strength and flexibility in children. They will also develop balance, co-ordination and timing, all of which increase performance in many other physical activities.

  • To top things off, we teach leadership skills, a key ingredient for success in the social, academic and business world.

It's the special attention to each child's needs that truly set our instructors and assistants apart from the rest. Our schools are build on a philosophy of personal attention and teaching excellence.


Your Instructors

Sensei Claire Maden , 4th Dan


Claire is a black belt in Karate and a blue belt in

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She also has qualifications in

personal fitness training and safe exercise

prescription. For over a decade, Claire has worked

with children, and is fully qualified, insured and

police checked. Claire is also proud to lead a

selection of students at competitive level. She has

also competed at national and international level


Sensei Kieran Duffy, 2nd Dan

Kieran is a black belt in karate and has been involved 

in martial arts for over a decade. Kieran also has 

experience in gymnastics as part of his foundations

and a member of the fire service.

The children love Kieran as a coach and has proven 

a popular addition to the team.

Core Programmes

Foundation Stage (Ages 3 - 6yrs)



A fun filled introduction to martial arts, that

has major emphasis on life and safety skills,

whilst demonstrating that fitness is fun.

Whilst we wish it were not even a factor, we unfortunately live

in a world full of undesirable people and dangers. At OSTMA we

teach children to spot and avoid danger as well as what to do in

an emergency, basic first aid, fire safety, stranger danger and much

more. These invaluable skills will not only increase confidence, but

also save lives.

Beginner Martial Arts (Ages 6yrs+)


The OSTMA Karate programme offers the keys to long term success in a comprehensive, fun and exciting environment. Our carefully structured classes offer a progressive syllabus, designed to ensure variation and inspiring drills. This will help your child develop physically, mentally and socially. Your child will be surrounded by others that have similar goals and aspirations, developing positive friendships and healthy peer groups.


Hundreds of children who have experienced our programme have gained a foundation in the basic tools of success that will last them a lifetime. Just like learning to ride a bike, once the skills of success and achievement are introduced to your child, they never go away. Leading to lives filled with proud moments of achievement, backed by good health and happieness.


Our programmes are designed to promote self-confidence and self-esteem to give your child the confidence to say "No" to unhealthy choices, despite peer pressure. Recent studies have shown the programmes that focus on personal achievements, such as Martial Arts, are vastly more effective in tackling social pressure issues than any other activity.


In addition to traditional martial arts and self defence instruction, this programme provides and aims to promote:

  • The importance of staying fit and healthy

  • Life Skills including confidence training

  • The importance of teamwork

  • Self Discipline

  • Avenues for Competition

  • Our leading Stranger Danger and Bully Proof Systems

Adult Martial Arts (Ages 13yrs+)

Classes include:

  • Traditional Karate Instruction

  • Self Defence Tuition

  • Confidence Training

  • Improved Health and Fitness (Increased muscle tone, Agility and Flexibility, Posture,Stamina, Weight Loss and Reduction of Stress)

  • Competition Avenue

Practicing karate in an extremely social way to keep fit and healthy, and we pride ourselves being a fun and friendly club.



Sensei Claire Maden
Sensei Kieran Duffy
OSTMA Instructors
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